"I went to Lisa Orlando because I had crippling lower back pain.  She carefully examined me and we talked for at least a half hour about my pain, my lifestyle, medical issues, etc. She explained the treatment and what it could do for me and why. She was courteous, curious and always professional. She carefully explained what she was going to do and why. I had never had acupuncture before so I had several questions, all of which she answered thoroughly.

Her treatment room was spotless and welcoming.  I lay down on her table and she relaxed me by walking me through everything she did.

At one point, I fell asleep I was so comfortable.  I felt no pain.  After about an hour, we were done.  I got up, and instantly felt better.

I went home, felt sore, and slept soundly for the first time in weeks.  My back pain subsided and  I haven’t needed any more work.

However, if I did, I would go to Lisa in a minute.

I highly recommend Lisa.  She’s professional, highly knowledgeable, empathetic and caring.  And she gets the job done!"

"Thanks again for today's treatment.  It is truly extraordinary how much better I feel.  Didn't realize what I was missing - thanks for reminding me!" — T.S.

"I'd never had acupuncture before and to be honest, I don't like needles.  But when I came down with a bad cold, runny nose and the chills, I called Lisa.  I don't like to take drugs of any kind.  She told me that acupuncture could help.  I felt so awful I was willing to give it a try.  She treated me that very day.  To my surprise, I barely felt the needles. Even better, my sinuses cleared up during the treatment and I was very relaxed afterward.  She made me a blend of essential oils to use as a chest rub and advised me to take a bath in sea salt that night.  By the next day, my cold symptoms were completely gone.  I've discovered a new medicine. Thank you, Lisa." — J.A.

"The work I did with Lisa opened the door to a whole new level of deep healing that I had no idea was possible. She helped to cure my chronic back pain that I had been suffering for over 20 years!" — S.T.

"Through careful listening and observing, Lisa has used acupuncture with a comprehensive, intuitive and very fine touch to address issues I had with digestive imbalance, lung congestion and fatigue.  Lisa always placed needles without my experiencing any pain while she explained where and why she was putting them as she proceeded.  Lisa's treatments are very relaxing and have allowed me to experience physical, mental and emotional restoration.  In working with Lisa I have been able to change habits in eating to provide greater nutrition to myself, experience increased stamina, greater vitality and emotional well-being.  What brought me to acupuncture is how it treats every dimension of my being.  I believe it has helped me, as a patient, to participate in my own health and healing process and to balance and align my body to heal itself with its own ongoing intelligence." — D.C.

"With a winter full of snow removal, my back was barking like a big dog.  After my first treatment with Lisa, I felt inches taller.  My back never felt better.  She's simply the best!"  — L.J.

"Lisa was my acupuncturist for a semester while completing her master's degree. She treated me for an acute breathing condition that had me waking up every night between 4 and 5 a.m. and using an over the counter inhaler. Within 3 treatments the situation was under control, I had stopped using the inhaler, and we began to expand the treatments to cover emotional root causes and other symptoms related to allergies. Her style of treatment is relaxed and authoritative, and I liked how she brought other elements into her treatment, like dreams and the meaning of dream-images.  She also has a light touch with the needles, which for someone like me who is needle-phobic was a very good thing." — D.R.